I am able to offer free and affordable Professional Development, for anyone working in home-based education and care, in New Zealand and around the world.

I have been working in home-based education and care for over 10 years. This, together with my teaching experience in centres, kindergartens and new entrant classrooms has given me a solid understanding of the ECE sector.

There is a lot teacher professional development available, both in-house and via the interwebs.

The problem we often face in home-based is that these are tailored for ECE centres.  The content doesn’t always translate easily to our sector.

Workshops, articles and webinars are often full of ‘teacher talk’ and it’s not always easy to understand what this could look like in your living room with 4 children of varying ages.

The cost of these is often prohibitive as is the time factor for being able to attend face-to-face workshops and events.

I hope to share my knowledge and experience through a growing number of resources, workshops, webinars and articles that are easy to understand and apply.

These will either be free or offered at low cost.

You can also find me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/HeartCentredhomebasedECE/

and email me at: heartcentredhomebased@outlook.co.nz